Risks Of Using Free Moving Boxes

February 2, 2021

Moving home is a stressful, time consuming and often expensive venture. When adding up your expenses and trying to stay within budget, free moving boxes can become very tempting. Nothing is better than free, right? Especially when you feel it can save you upwards of a few hundred dollars!

However, there are a number of unique risks that come with using second-hand boxes. From risks to your health, to the items you are moving, it is important to know why it’s worth purchasing new boxes when moving home!

Should You Reuse Moving Boxes?

In short, we don’t recommend you reuse moving boxes. No matter what they were used for, or how they were used, the risk to your items is increased whenever you use second-hand boxes. Old boxes often don’t provide adequate protection, and can leave you needing to pay for replacements or repairs costing more than new boxes would have!

The best form of action when moving home is to buy new, quality boxes. This way you can ensure the quality, the size, and the quantity and you are also able to support a local business! At Jetbox, we offer affordable moving boxes. Our boxes are ready made in Melbourne, and are more affordable than many of our competitors!

Risks Of Using Free Moving Boxes

So, you know that using old boxes can create risks. But what exactly are those risks?

Dirty Boxes Can Soil Items

By reusing boxes, you run the risk of obtaining boxes that have been used multiple times over many years. Old, reused boxes can be dusty, grimy and overall unpleasant. Your items are worth keeping safe and clean, and with old boxes you cannot guarantee the cleanliness! Old boxes can also have that musty smell we all know too well, and this can linger long after the boxes are gone.

Used Boxes Are Weak

It goes without saying that old boxes, especially ones that have been used before, are weaker than new, unused boxes. The more you use a box, especially to carry heavy items, the less reliable it becomes. When you are sourcing free boxes, you don’t know exactly how many times they’ve been used, and cannot rely on them lasting your move. The last thing you want is the bottom of your box breaking open!

A box breaking open not only damages your fragile items, it can also damage the floor or the person carrying the box. This is a serious issue, and worth avoiding where possible. The easiest way to avoid this is by purchasing new boxes!

Bugs Love Old Boxes

There is almost nothing worse than discovering your second-hand boxes are infested with bugs, spiders or bookworms – and now those pests are inside your garage or home! Bed bugs can also pose a real problem for people moving home, as they too can hide in your old boxes. Avoid a nightmare of bugs by buying new boxes.

Why Buying Boxes Saves You Money in the Long Run

When you purchase new boxes, you know that you’re the only person to have used them! Buying new also saves you the time, and any relevant expenses, that comes with sourcing out second-hand packaging. When you are moving, you are often short on time. You need to ask yourself if running around for hours, even days, to find all the second-hand boxes you need is worthwhile!

Buying new also saves you from any of the potential risks listed above. The cost of repairing or replacing goods as a result of a box breaking can add up quickly, and the stress of this is the last thing you need when moving home. You also avoid any health risks, or need for an exterminator, by avoiding any bugs in your boxes!

Melbourne Based and Made Moving Boxes

Jetbox is a Melbourne based box manufacturing company. We offer cardboard boxes for moving that are ready to go! The convenience of being able to stop in one place, pick up your boxes and start moving home safely alleviates the stress of sourcing boxes from many locations. It is also more affordable than you might think! The safety of your items is worth reaching out and finding a box supplier near you.

One of the easiest ways to ensure you have the right amount of boxes, in the right size, is by purchasing them new.

Jetbox Quality Cardboard Moving Boxes

At Jetbox, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality service! With years of experience behind us, we manufacture moving boxes for people across Australia. We understand how stressful moving home can be, and want to help make the process as easy as possible. Our boxes are made to last, and come in a convenient size.

Interested in custom made boxes? We do that too! Contact us today to find out more about our cardboard moving boxes, custom boxes and more!

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Over & Under Runs

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If you require EXACT Quantities, we may have to make some boxes in a different grade than ordered, to make up your order in the Exact Qty required. These requests will also Incur higher unit costs. This cannot be avoided, as we must consider the recycling processes and costs involved, in helping to reduce our carbon footprint.

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5C or B – Light single flute cardboard used for light packaging requirements or for products that support themselves.

4C or B – Slightly stronger single flute cardboard used for packing paper/notes/pads, etc. Usually for products that self support.

3C or B – Most common board grade usually used for virtually any standard light weight packing.

3C or B Super – Medium strength board that is slightly stronger than the above 3C/B board and can also be used for frozen goods.

1C or B – Strong single flute carboard used mainly for products that need extra support when stacking.

1C or B Super – Super Strength Cardboard that is mainly used for frozen food products that are transported long distance.

3 BC – Twin Cushion cardboard used for Removal Boxes and products that need that little extra care when packaged or for bulky items that may need thicker board when transported.

1 BC – Twin Cushion cardboard with some of the highest grade board for Superior support and stack-ability. Primarily for items over 30KG.