Moving Boxes, Minimum Quantity – 10!


465 x 360 x 300mm – $25.00 per bundle of 10

This box can be used for: Books, Games, Consoles and Bottles.

Please request a quote on bubble wrap to ensure the bottles are well protected from breakages.

580 x 385 x 335mm – $30.00 per bundle of 10

Used for large or heavy items which would usually weigh down a bigger box. You don’t want to lug around a heavy box, with too many items. So, use the 80 litre for the heavy things, and pack lighter/delicate items into the bigger cartons.

465 x 360 x 600mm – $35.00 per bundle of 10

Same length and width as the 50 Litre, just 300mm (30CM) higher. Pack clothes, shoes, bags – even kitchenware. For any moving or storage needs.

445 x 415 x 610mm – $40.00 per bundle of 10

OUR BIGGEST SELLER. Our main client that buys these boxes, uses them for commercial export. Goes to show just how well these things hold up.

You can pack almost any household item in this tea chest box, but don’t over-fill with heavy items. Not only to keep the structural integrity, but so your back lasts longer than the box!

550 x 550 x 550mm – $60.00 per bundle of 10

The ‘Square box’ is the largest of our stock cartons. For some of our clients, it’s the “go to” moving box. It can fit a whole bunch of items and stores very well, because it’s almost a perfect cube. Great for small furniture items, stools, fold-up stands, or anything else you want to put into storage!

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Jetbox recommendations are indications only. Please be mindful of how you are packing, storing and using the stock and moving boxes. Never over-fill them and try to always keep the original shape of the boxes. Any questions? Call our Dandenong office on (03) 9793 3520.