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HSC – Half Slotted Carton – Flaps on one end (bottom or top, depending how you flip it)

Usually best used with a Lid

You can also use the flaps of the box on the top and use the “Lid” at the base of the pallet.

Size: 1160 x 1160 x 800mm (Inside)

Heavy Duty Twin Cushion Board


Lids and Pallets Sold Separately

Pallet Boxes: $35.00 Each +GST

Pallet Lids: $15.00 each +GST

Better rates for 50 or more

Pallet and Lid Quoted Separately


No custom design or box is too difficult for us to make.

Moving boxes minimum quantity from only 10.

A3 Corner Cut, Pallet Pads & Boxes Order Request

Contact us on 03 9793 3520 or complete the form below to order A3 corner cut folder, pallet pads, boxes and box lids. 

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5C or B – Light single flute cardboard used for light packaging requirements or for products that support themselves.

4C or B – Slightly stronger single flute cardboard used for packing paper/notes/pads, etc. Usually for products that self support.

3C or B – Most common board grade usually used for virtually any standard light weight packing.

3C or B Super – Medium strength board that is slightly stronger than the above 3C/B board and can also be used for frozen goods.

1C or B – Strong single flute carboard used mainly for products that need extra support when stacking.

1C or B Super – Super Strength Cardboard that is mainly used for frozen food products that are transported long distance.

3 BC – Twin Cushion cardboard used for Removal Boxes and products that need that little extra care when packaged or for bulky items that may need thicker board when transported.

1 BC – Twin Cushion cardboard with some of the highest grade board for Superior support and stack-ability. Primarily for items over 30KG.