About Us – Cheap Packing Boxes and Excellent Service in Melbourne


Looking to move house or simply need to stow items away? Buy your packing boxes at Jetbox today.

We are a decade-spanning company supplying cheap packing boxes in Melbourne and Victoria.

At Jetbox, we pride ourselves on three key qualities:

  • Service
  • Flexibility
  • Accuracy


We do everything we can to make sure that your order is on time, every time. We are renowned as one of the best and fastest manufacturers to provide reliable and cheap packing boxes in Dandenong and not only the south-east region, but all of Victoria. Our products are carefully crafted and created using a refined system, ensuring that you only buy high-quality products that match your unique needs.

Providing packaging flexibility

We are one of the most flexible manufacturers in the industry, proudly creating packing boxes in Melbourne designed for every imaginable use. We work the hours and take on the jobs that other companies would refuse to do. Our Dandenong based team can construct everything for your packaging needs – from plain boxes to any other corrugated cardboard product, designed to any size and any quantity, Jetbox has you covered.


When it comes to accuracy, Jetbox are committed to getting things exactly right. Unlike other packaging box companies in Melbourne that set a standard number of boxes to buy, we agree to produce any quantity you may need. We give you the option to buy the exact number of boxes you request – whether that’s 100, 72 or just one. Whatever your requirements, we will meet them with precision and at fantastically cheap rates.

Call our Dandenong office today for all your packing needs. At Jetbox, we do the jobs that others say aren’t possible.


At JetBox, we make it possible. 03 9793 3520